Mensa ( 10 BA Drivers )
Mensa ( 10 BA Drivers )

Mensa ( 10 BA Drivers )

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【Mensa象徵物是南非地標「桌山」。 「桌山」風光明媚,視野遼闊,能一覽開普敦半島的美麗風光。同樣,「Mensa」講求的正是「視野」,三頻表現、分析力細膩豐富,十分耐聽。此外,最令人印象深刻是「自然感」。每件樂器、人聲互相配合,還原得十分自然,和諧的感覺就像站上山上細看自然風光。

"Mensa" the symbol of South Africa's landmark "Table Mountain". "Table Mountain" has a beautiful scenery and a wide view, which can show the beautiful scenery of the Cape Peninsula. Similarly, "Mensa" is about "vision". The analytical power is exquisite and detail is very rich. In addition, the most impressive characteristic is the "natural feeling." Every instrument and vocal match each other in a very natural way. The feeling

10 Balanced Armature 

6-way passive crossover 
Sensitivity:119 dB SPL/mW